I am all about trying to prevent mess before it happens! 

So, here’s a quick read about 2 bathroom cleaning hacks that have helped me tame the bathroom mess that comes with kids.

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We all know the classic, stereotypical bathroom situation when a Mom walks in on a child buried in toilet paper from a runaway toilet paper roll. Partly for this reason, it was years before I even kept toilet paper in the bathrooms!  (We used wipes instead).

I was very hesitant to do what the rest of the world does and install toilet paper on the toilet tissue holder. And, when I did, I regretted it… There was the time my daughter wanted to see what would happen if she put the entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet (or the trash).

And, of course, there were the classic incidents of the runaway toilet paper roll ending up in curls on the floor.

So, one day, I tried something that I really didn’t think would work. It was so crazy simple, I just knew it wouldn’t work or that the kids would refuse to use toilet paper.

But, I was surprised to find that my very simple, crazy easy fix ended the incidences of toilet paper bathroom carpets. You’ll probably laugh when you hear this because it’s so insanely simple, but here it is…


1st Bathroom Cleaning Hack

Use physics in your favor… Toilet rolls are designed to…roll, but, if they are modified from a roll to, say, a flat tire, they won’t roll.

So, all you do is take your fresh roll and SQUEEZE it as hard as you can.  We use Charmin but this can be done with any brand. Yes, just squeeze it!  That’s all you need to do! Then, voila – your roll is now squished, and it takes effort to unwrap the toilet paper.

When you put the roll on the holder, it can’t easily roll anymore – now, you and your kids need to exert effort to make it turn around. But, this effort is just enough to give your child the appropriate amount of toilet paper squares s/he needs.  It’s rationing, in effect.

And, this reduces waste and saves money! Since I’ve done this, there are no more ribbons of toilet paper on the floor!  And, we’re saving money on toilet tissue to boot!

Here is your before and after photo, if you will… original shape on left and squished no-more-mess shape on right. 


Squeezed-Toilet-Paper-Pink-and-Blue-Mom-dot-comEasy, peasy!


Now, Here’s my 2nd Bathroom Cleaning Hack…


My 2nd hack is one I read about a long while ago and I have never turned back.


There are several references to this tip online, including this post from The Krazy Coupon Lady.


This trick reduces the goopy, sticky, runny mess that happens as a result of too many strong pumps of the liquid hand soap.


You’ve seen it – the yellowish soapy areas that pool around the hand soap dispenser from too much soap being pumped out of the bottle only to run down the bottle to the sink and goodness knows where else. And, when the area gets wet again, you have a new soapy, runny mess.


Well, here is one of the best tips I’ve ever seen – reduce the range of motion of the soap pump (to reduce how much comes out) by just taking a random rubber band or hair tie and wrapping it around the space between the pump top and the bottle.

See photo below for example… 


The kids are then unable to get as much soap out with each pump, and this has significantly reduced runny, soapy messes in our bathroom!

This also saves money and resources.

With less waste, comes less money outlay, and we all like that!


1) Squeeze your toilet paper,


2) Grab a rubber band or hair tie and limit the force of those enthusiastic hand washers.


I’d love to hear what you do to preempt the mess in your bathroom.  Please let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this post.


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