I love pink – pink food, pink sand, pink appliances – you name it!  I’m constantly finding products that I never knew came in pink.  Each time I make this discovery, I’m elated, and I ask myself why I never knew the item came in pink.


It turns out that many brands make pink wares, especially pink kitchen items.


So, I went on a hunt for everyday pink kitchen products that are rarely seen or offered in pink, and here are the results. 


Affiliate Note: I only recommend items I’d use myself or recommend to the friend sitting next to me. This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and purchase something, I might receive a commission at no additional cost to you. 


If you love pink like I do, chances are, you’ll find something below that calls out to you or is perfect for a pink-loving friend! 


Here are 32 pink kitchen items that I found to beautify your kitchen. 


Enjoy and have fun with this playful post! I sure did! 




1. Pink Stand Mixer by Kitchen Aid

I have one of these in a lighter shade of pink (Komen Pink, which benefited the Breast Cancer Foundation, Susan G. Komen). When this is sitting on my countertop, I can’t help but feel like a French pastry chef.  One can dream!




2.  Pink Waffle Maker!   

This waffle iron is a best-seller on Amazon.  With over 1,700 reviews as of this post, this little guy has an Amazon rating of over 4 stars!  



3.  Pink Hand Mixer by Kitchen Aid



4. Pink and White Polka Dot Kitchen Aprons for Mommy and Me!






5.  Pink / Fuschia Blender





6.  Pink French Press Coffee Maker 






7.  Pink Egg Kitchen Timer


I might just give up using Alexa or the microwave timer, if I can use this cutie to set timers.






8.  Pink Tea Kettle

I love this shade of pink, and since I often “store” my kettle on the stove, this would be a nice and functional decoration for my kitchen.




9.  Pink Mini Fridge

I love the retro throwback vibe of this Frigidaire mini fridge.



10.  Pink Kitchen Scale!




11.  Pink Earthenware Mixing Bowl!


12.  Pink Heart-Shaped Cast Iron Dutch Oven by Le Creuset!




13.  Pink Flower-Shaped Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven by Le Creuset! 





14.  Pink Set of Cereal / Salad / Dessert Bowls!



15. Pink Hand Blender!




16.  Pink Toaster 

I love that this adds the extra special feature of imprinting a happy smiley face!  What a great sunshine-y way to start the day!



17.  Larger Pink Toaster 




18.  Pink Panini Press – Looks like a Handbag! 

I had to do a double-take on this one – it’s a handbag-shaped panini / sandwich press, complete with a gold bow! 

Wow, I didn’t know this sort of appliance existed. Perfect for lunch with the girls! 


19. Pink Kitchen Utensil Set! 



20.  Pink Electric Kettle!

This would be great for in the kitchen or at the desk!


21.  Pink and Playful Cotton Candy Maker


Sure, no one really needs a cotton candy maker but I think this would be a fun novelty item for a fun time with the kids.


I can see them making their own treat for a special occasion in whatever color they want!


This would also be a neat feature for a birthday party or any party for kids (and probably adults, too).



22.  Sophisticated Pink MoccaMaster Coffee Maker


This would look so sharp on my countertop – I have many coffee cups per day and this would be a fun and sophisticated way to brew them!


This has over a 4-star rating on Amazon with 720 reviews as I write this post.  Wow!


Interestingly enough, this comes in more than 16 colors and several model types (one cup vs. caraffe, for example) on Amazon!  Slick machine!



23.  Pink Manual Coffee Grinder!

I love fresh coffee, and, if I had the time to grind my own coffee beans, I would.  And, in that case, I would pick up this one. I love that this has a crank handle vs. just a push button.

To me, the handle makes it feel more homemade and traditional somehow.


24.  Pink Orange / Citrus Juicer!

So sleek!  At restaurants, my kids love to see the industrial size juicers do their thing.


25.  Pink Cutting Board! 

This pink cutting board would just make me so much happier to chop up veggies!


26.  Pink Ice Cream Maker!

This cotton-candy pink ice cream maker is in the perfect cheery shade for treat making!  The kids will love helping in the kitchen!


27.  Pink Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker!


This has over 4,700 reviews and a 4.5 star rating on Amazon as of this post!  It’s the number 1 best seller in ice cream machines.

It makes frozen treats of all sorts – sorbet, frozen yogurt and ice cream.


28.  Pink Trash Can for the Countertop!

Stylish way to stow away cooking scraps.  I can see this being a great way to hold onto kitchen countertop compost temporarily before moving it to the composter.


29.  Elegant Pink Caraffe 


Stylish way to keep coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any beverage, warm.

30.  Pink Caraffe, another option…

Use anywhere – on the countertop, table or work desk.


31.  Pink Rice Cooker!

Scroll down to take a look at how cute this rice cooker is!  As with most of the kitchen appliances on this list, I’ve always thought of rice cookers as white or gray, and definitely not pink.

At the time of this post, this steamer has over 250 reviews and is Amazon’s choice for a small rice cooker.

And, according to the current Amazon description, it can also cook oatmeal, quinoa, soup, pasta and veggies – whoa, multi-tasker!


32.  Pink Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Set! 



Pink kitchen items do exist! 


Please tell me all about your kitchen finds in the comments section below! 


Affiliate Note:  I only recommend items I’d use myself or recommend to the friend sitting next to me.  This post may contain affiliate links.  This means that if you click on the link and purchase something, I might receive a commission at no additional cost to you.