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It’s been a rainy day, so we were stuck indoors, which is not a totally bad thing because we get more family time together, but that also leaves open the possibility for more sibling arguments – can’t have that!  

So, here are a few indoor activity ideas I’ve used over the years to help the day be fun and enriching for the family…



  1. Do an art project together – Art for Kids Hub gives you small step-by-small step instructions with a fun Dad and his kids – I’ve even  joined in on the drawing with this cool show!


  1. Do a science project together.  I keep a board on my Pink and Blue Mom Pinterest site with fun science projects I come across.  Here’s the link to my Science Fun Pins.


  1. Chase each other around the house – great exercise! And, they squeal with that laughter we love!


  1. Download some fresh activity pages from Pinterest(this link routes you to a FREE printables repository I follow).  Teachers pay Teachers is also a great resource for unique printables, some of which are free or very low cost.  You can search for themed activities with your child’s favorite character, like a Batman or Minnie Mouse connect-the-dot page.


  1. Read books together – kids love to re-read old faves, so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten to the library recently.


  1. Do a made-up exercise routine with jumping jacks, crab crawls or any silly thing.  Or, find one easily with a YouTube search for fun exercises for kids.


  1. Make an indoor pillow and blanket fort; snuggle and read inside.


  1. Have fun singing and dancing while doing chores around the house, and don’t forget the extra fun of logging completed tasks in the ChoreMonster app to get points for a fun reward.  This is our current fave app for encouraging kids to do chores.  UPDATE:  It appears that the ChoreMonster app is no longer available.


  1. Have a dance party – pre-check songs with Common Sense Mediaif you need to


  1. Have a karaoke party


  1. Play a board game


  1. Bake or cook one of their favorite meals together.


  1. Snuggle in front of the TV with a show or movie (you’ve researched via Common Sense Media)


  1. Just play with the kids, no rules – whatever they want to do, even for five minutes.  They just love to be with you and have your attention!


What do you do with the kiddos on rainy, can’t-go-outside days?


Enjoy your family!


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