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I have nothing to wear for Halloween!


But, do I need to dress up for Halloween if I’m just going to follow some cute kids around all evening?

Recently, my daughter said, “Can I make a suggestion?  Target has a unicorn costume for grown-ups; maybe, you can get that one“.

Was that a hint?

She had a point – not about the unicorn costume at Target (although, it is a very cute unicorn costume for a kiddo), but about my lack of plans for dressing up on Halloween.

Since I haven’t dressed up since before I can remember, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

Since having kids, Halloween has been a day that I escort my cuties in their costumes.  It didn’t feel necessary (practical, even) to don my own.  But, now that they are older and capable of getting on their own clothes/costumes, I just might consider it this year.

If you are like me and thinking about dipping a toe back into Halloween costumes, here is a list of some costume-lite options I found on Amazon that would be nearly effortless.  As of the time of this post, they all have ratings of 4-star or better (if they are rated yet) and are available via Amazon Prime, but, as you know, prices and availability can change on Amazon.

Here’s the list:

Be a Butterfly!

Pair with a solid-color outfit, and you’re done.  Voila!

Be a Mon…Momster!

Momster T-shirt – sure to be a classic 


There are several styles of this Momster theme out there, but this is the cutest I’ve seen yet.  You need to wear some sort of shirt anyway, right?

Be the Incredible Mom Superhero You Are!

Continuing on the note of ‘you-need-a-shirt-anyway’, this Incredible Mom shirt is a riff on the popular movie, Incredibles.  (Incredibles 2 came out this year).  This comes in several colors, including red to match the superhero outfits of the Incredibles.

Be a Classy Witch

Witch hats are easy-peasy, especially if you plan on just giving out candy rather than walking the neighborhood.  Here are 2 options that add a little more flair to the traditional witch hat you might find at the dollar store (love the Dollar Tree, though!)

Love the purple and rosy twist of this one!

Here’s another option I found in traditional black…



Ok, this one is basic, but still cute – maybe the whole family can be a collection of crayon colors, if you all don’t already have costume ideas yet…

And, just for fun and the awww factor…

Diver and Octopus Baby & Me costume – you’ve just got to see this, even if your kids no longer fit in a baby carrier.  It’s so darn cute and creative!

What a perfect way to include baby in the fun, even if s/he’s not old enough to trick-or-treat yet.



There you have it!  Thanks for letting me share my effortlessly fun and quick costume discoveries with you!  Hope this helps or just adds a smile to your day!



Affiliate Note:  I will only ever recommend items and services that I personally would use myself or would recommend to a friend sitting next to me.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and purchase something, I might receive a commission at no cost to you.  Thank you for reading my blog; it makes my day!







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