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As Moms, we have crazy schedules.  Our long to-do lists can make it hard to find time for a consistent daily practice of activities that help our kids to grow and thrive, like getting ample exercise and relaxation.


So, I put together this checklist for myself to help me remember all the touchpoints I want to cover each day, especially during school breaks.


Some of this will be covered by default at school like reading and writing.  Others may not always be covered, like exercising those muscles when recess is rained out.  (If you’re stuck indoors, you might like my post: 14 Rainy Day Activities for Kids).

This checklist is in no particular order.  And, some activities double for one another.

For example, reading can be a form of relaxing, and running outside can get you outside time.

The bonus is that we Moms get to participate, too.

We can build on areas we might have ignored for a while (like relaxation).

(Update:  My kids are now referring to this checklist whenever they’re bored.  It doesn’t always prevent the continuation of the “I’m bored” chorus, but it sometimes sparks an idea for them.)

Get moving


…dance, jump, practice yoga, run laps indoors, run/walk outside.  Check out this fun video from Cosmic Kids…

Benefits:  A bazillion benefits for those growing bodies, as you know; also, it gets the sillies out!

Get outside


…walk, run, breathe fresh air, throw a ball, ride a bike…

Benefits:  A bazillion benefits here, too;  helps maintain that connection to nature and provides a change of scenery, which can, in turn, change moods 🙂



…read a book, go to the library, read a short story, read a recipe…

Benefits:  You know all the benefits, but my favorite is that they get to learn and imagine so many things I could have never thought to teach them.



…a story, comic, diary entry, joke – the possibilities are endless…

Benefits:  Build their creativity and ease with writing, get their thoughts out of their head so that they can clear their mind…

Make Music


…sing, play piano, strum a guitar…

Benefits:  another way to express creativity, develops a love for the art of music; some research says it helps with other school subjects, like math

Create something


…draw, paint, color, write a song/poem/story, make something with Legos, K’nex, Lincoln Logs

Benefits:  self-confidence, sense of accomplishment, creative exploration and development

Help the household/family


…complete chores to pitch in for the family unit, help someone else to complete their chores…

Benefits:  responsibility and accountability, a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, pride in serving others and the family unit



…read, snuggle with Mommy and Daddy, learn and practice yoga/meditation/mindfulness, draw, learn/practice calming breathing exercises

Benefits:  As you know, numerous studies have shown the benefits of relaxation, we just have a hard time implementing this practice into our day.

But, if we start with them when they’re young, this will be as routine as brushing their teeth. And, maybe – just, maybe – we can establish this healthy routine along with our kids.

I’d love to know –

What do you make sure your kids do each day? 

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